Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram in Belize

Bliss is the key

Welcome to the Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram, Belize. This is a personal invitation from Evan and Laine to join us at the palapa by the waterfall in Cristo Rey (Cayo District, Belize) for rejuvenating yoga classes, world class healing massage, and stimulating self development workshops, meditation and more. Our goal as healers and yogis is to share the experience of bliss with the world, recognizing bliss as the primary method of self-realization. To experience true bliss is the highest calling, and the most critical thing you can do for yourself and the planet right now . At Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram, we promote bliss through yoga, meditation, mantra, healing massage, music, and intuitive shamanism.

The natural magic of the water falls can be seen looking down from our yoga palapa. The waterfalls are spring fed, falling down limestone formations, creating a highly ionized local environment. This uplifting atmosphere intensifies in the pool itself, the energy of the living water caressing , cleansing, revitalizing and uplifting you from the skin to the bone. The spiritual vibration is high in this sacred ancient location.  This waterfall highlights the natural beauty of Belize.

The palapa, a thatched roof structure, native to Belize, rises overhead like a giant umbrella, the leaves woven like a huge basket which rests on the many supporting poles which radiate from the center post.  In Belize, the Bay leaf palm is used for round thatch. This traditional structure, being fractal, is optimal for the best possible flow of energy and vibration for healing and yoga, as fractal energy patterns are most conducive to experiencing bliss. What this means to us is the free expansion of the aura, unfettered and uncaged by the metal and plastic of modern building. This is a key to bliss, the freedom of the NAM to connect with the SAT.  SAT being the supersoul, and NAM being the  individual.  SAT NAM.

Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram is home to Belize’’s only Kombucha Bar, with new elixirs daily. We serve the best vegetarian food in Cayo, offering post –yoga brunch and wonderful dinners nightly, based on fresh local produce. Early birds can get a light breakfast until 8 am, yoga runs from 10 am ‘till noon daily. Private sessions are also available. For reservations, send us a message on our Contact Page

The environment and surrounding area are filled with an overwhelming diversity of life. The grounds are home to many birds, insects and butterflies. Giant Cohune Palms rise above the canopy, giving the feeling of being surrounded by jungle. We have many medicinal and culinary native trees including Gumbo Limbo and Allspice. Chaya, a semi-wild super green native food is growing everywhere in our food forest. Chaya Garden Ashram has Avocado, Soursop, Custard Apple, Craboo, Coco Yam, Cassava, Jungle Oregano, Mint and Sage all growing on our 3.7 acres of Belize jungle waterfall paradise. The falls can be seen from the yoga palapa and the kitchen. You can breathe in the green. Splashes of bright Coleus and Impatiens light up little gardens at the base of the trees.

Feel free to drop by and take a tour of the yoga ashram. We are happy to answer questions and inquiries about healing and yoga. It is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to something new.  We gladly welcome guests from resorts around Belize to come out for a fun yoga day trip.

What we offer at Chaya Garden Ashram…

fees represented in US dollars

Healing treatments:

Jungle Alchemy Herbal Bath…$20

Jungle herbs such as Trumpet Tree, Ixkanan, Allspice and Gumbo Limbo, steeped and added to a luxurious hot bath under the stars in the private nook of our Orchid Garden

Sound Healing…$40

All Live Music: Singing Bowl, Body tuned Drum, Didgeridoo, Multi-phonic chanting, and Mantra combined with light Reflexology treatment for one hour. Groups are $20/person, reflexology is not included. Sound Healing for groups can also be performed outside the ashram for $50.

The following are all $40 for one hour treatment:

Foot Reflexology…this is an acupressure therapy based on the ancient Chinese science of the Meridian system. The Meridians are energy lines which run through the body and the organs, and terminate in the feet, hands and head. By stimulating the terminal points of the meridians as accessed in the feet, we can balance the energies within the body, promote healthy flow of energy and circulation, remove blockages to that flow, both energetic and physical, and revitalize, stimulate and refresh all systems of the body,  the glandular, lymphatic, vascular, and nervous system as well as both the internal and external  organs. A comprehensive and non-invasive gentle therapy recommended for all.

Full Body Reflexology… as above following the Meridians throughout the body

Nimo Code Treatment… a system based on Traeger Point Therapy for the whole body

Intuitive Healing Massage…combines various massage techniques and draws from all of the above including the use of sound, for the treatment of the whole person, spiritual, mental and physical, each treatment is unique and specialized for that person…$50

Four Hands Healing Massage…as above with both Evan and Laine for one hour…$60

Will Travel, same prices.


Yoga…daily at 10 am except Saturday and Monday, a reasonably challenging class incorporating beginners and advanced students, 90 min. to 2 hrs, either Hatha or Kundalini practice

FYI Hatha is a standard practice delivered as a vinyassa flow, poses done in a set of flowing sequences. Kundalini yoga is a kinetic (moving) practice, geared towards stimulating glandular secretions, with each kriya (set) done for a specific purpose ie: For the Glands the Circulation and the Meditative Mind

Meditation…Kundalini Meditations for any occaission at the ashram, in the ruins of your choice, or anywhere you want. Includes live sounds of Tibetan Bowl and Indian Finger Symbals $10/person or $40 minimum fee

Kombucha Workshop…includes herb walk on the ashram grounds, tea making, Kombucha Culture demo, and the chance to taste a variety of brews and vinegars. Take a culture home. $20/person or $40 minimum fee

Kirtan…This is a free weekly event at Chaya Garden Ashram, a fun gathering for people who like to join in, beginning at 5pm with a beautiful vegan dinner, (bring a dish to share if you like), followed by drumming, singing and chanting of mantras, singing bowl, didgeridoo and even dancing! The purpose of mantra is to clean the subconscious mind.This is a good time with spiritual fellowship for all. Kirtans can also be performed anywhere for $50, (depending on how far we need to travel), we bring all the instruments and good vibrations with us. Participation is encouraged but not necessary.

Jungle Prints Workshop… create a one of a kind artwork and bring the jungle of Belize home with you! Done on canvas using jungle leaves as stencils, no experience necessary, $50 each person, 12 yrs and up for a fun afternoon

Didgeridoo Workshop…learn to play the didgeridoo, (an indiginous Australian word for this easy and fun to play instrument), used in many cultures to produce a variety of low vibrating tones and other sounds, all ages welcome, didges provided. The didereedoo is like a meditation machine, bringing good vibrations to both the player and the listener.

Hula Hoop Dance Party…we have hoops! Let’s Dance! Great music, great DJ, electro jungle party for all ages, evening or afternoon. $50 for the first 10 people, $5 each person after that. Include vegan dinner and refeshments for another $15/person. Makes a great birthday celebration.  Chaya Garden Ashram is alcohol, cigarette and dog free. Please respect our preferences.

Creole Drummers…party or drum workshop with Emmeth Young and Tala Wala Vibration $350, this world class group goes strong and beautiful all night! The real sound of Belize, find them on YouTube.

Day at the Waterfall…Yoga, Swim, Vegan Lunch, and Massage $60, grab a hammock and chill out in our beautiful new palapa!

Vegan Lunch…prepared in our open air Belize style kitchen, $10/person, family style meal served at 1:30 pm, our main meal of the day featuring fresh, organic, vegan gourmet food

Sample Menu: Grilled marinated fresh pineapple, whole wheat pasta with oregano-chaya pesto, bean salad, and fresh carrot salad with coconut, jicama, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries…complementary delicious Kombucha

Real Raw…gourmet raw foods and desserts, $15/person

Kombucha tasting party…try all the flavours of the jungle! $5/person

Take your favorite along with you $15/bottle for our world famous “Om Brew”

We love to host alcohol free events! Come and use our awesome space for workshops, ceremonies, parties or other events. Starting at $100, let’s plan something unique for you and your group.

No cigarettes or dogs at the ashram please.