Yoga + Food + Fun

The weather has been lovely, and there is always something new at the market.  The yoga is hot, and the water is cool!

It’s the best time to get healthy and high on life!

We hope these pictures will convince you that it’s time to visit Chaya Garden Ashram in Belize for yoga retreats, massage, and vegetarian cooking.

Here is a new gallery of us and our students having a great time!IMG_21551013226_502967383157529_1637387798_n 1800475_502967259824208_1208360309_n 58482_502967219824212_136011151_n


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Kombucha Mixmaster


Kombucha is currently the popular beverage in the health crowd these days. Despite how popular it has become, we still hear that our kombucha is the best. So thank you!  We’ll be sure to let you know our secrets to the world’s best brew, as soon as we figure out what we’re doing right ;)

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February 1st Birthday Bash



Get ready for some out of this world dance music!

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February 1st Dance Party

Hey friends and students, Chaya Garden Ashram will be having a dance party February First with special guest DJ D!rty Jok3s!

D!rty Jok3s

is a great DJ who will have the crowd begging for more.  I caught him live at Rave At The Grave, at Meluchi’s, which wouldn’t have been much of a rave if it wasn’t for this amazing DJ who spun some amazingly fresh moombahton that night, and the ‘Up 4 It!’ rebels in the crowd who broke status qou and danced their butts off that night with me!

More to come


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Chaya Health Spa in Belize

Lookin' good at the waterfalls with the healthy glow of love and light!

Lookin’ good at the waterfalls with the healthy glow of love and light!

If you are looking for a healthy retreat, then surely this picture will speak a thousand words to you!   This is none other than our teacher and friend Laine Hoogstraten who brings the healing light at the Chaya Garden Ashram.

Laine has worked hard to get where she is today, and she has the experience and energy to keep going.  The Chaya Garden Ashram is the fruit of labor.  She is dedicated to the healing and nurturing spirit of the Ashram.  She puts her energy into it, and it’s rewarding her with health, wealth, and happiness!

Laine is living her truth in Belize, and whoever is living their truth and interested in the healing possibilities of yoga and massage, we welcome you with love!

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A Very Chaya Christmas

The party continues at the Chaya Garden Ashram, as we try to make every day as fun as possible.   We invited our family of friends out to the Chaya Garden Ashram for a little concert by Talla Walla Vibrations.  We have enjoyed seeing them on a number of different occasions, including last year during a winter solstice celebration at S.T.A.N.D. Centre.

We were equally impressed with the musicianship and tenacity of these percussionists on this outing, as we danced through set after set!  It’s a very detoxing gathering that starts and ends sweaty!

We loved playing the drums with Emmeth too!  He really brings out the inner rhythms of anyone he meets, and is able to teach the drum riddems that his groups play to almost anyone.   Emmeth is a skilled drum maker, and if anyone is interested in getting a drum while in Belize, we would be glad to hook you up with Emmeth, as we are very happy with the drums we have received from Emmeth.

We often have celebrations or shows like this any time that there is something big going on in San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize.  We find that these events in town are just to loud, boring, and predictable and we can have a better time at the Ashram just dancing and galavanting with a few of our dearest friends.

Consider this on New Year’s Eve when downtown San Ignacio descends into madness!


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My Caribbean Kitchen

This gallery contains 24 photos.


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Emmeth Vs Laine

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water diversion tecniques: midnight flood fashion

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Emmeth Young on December 26th At Chaya Garden Ashram

What to do on Boxing day:  Join the celebration and dance with us!

What to do on Boxing day: Join the celebration and dance with us!

Emmeth Young

“Let’s look deep inside ourselves and find that beat that lifts our souls and brings us to that common ground where we can enjoy the music. Why not? If you were born with a heart then you were born with rhythm. If you were born with a soul then you were born with the ability to love. If you were born with a brain then you were born with the ability to reason and create. It’s in all of us to do the right thing and we have to make sure we don’t lose sight of that. It’s up to us adults to help guide the youths in the right direction. It’s never too late to make a change for the better unless you are being put to your final rest. If you are still above ground then you have time to put down the gun and pick up a drum. Put down your fist and resolve the hatred and anger and speak the rhythms of your soul.”



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